Sunday, December 21, 2008

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ME, ALONE, I saw George
Taffon The show is a monologue in verse, which reproduces the metrical structure of the texts melodramatic Italian. are two characters on stage, two young women, of which one speaks. Talk to her companion, the audience and herself. It 'clearly a woman of southern Italy that is aware that violence can become an inevitable fate, which can prevent a person to act freely with the right intentions and behave properly toward others. E 'an exasperated monologue on the verge of an incurable despair, a sullen resignation. Or maybe it's the story of a horrible dream, a crazy nightmare. Or maybe it's just an appeal to herself and anyone else who wants to listen, when words seem to turn into a hymn to life and love GIORGIO TAFFON
back in time through the landing to the tragedy and melodrama Greek, this "voice", it feeds the chorus of those characters share an ancient cultural roots, the Mediterranean, where certain "powers" still refers to the family of Atreus. Tantalum commend the torture that is ever force her to testify that "she alone has seen."


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