Monday, January 12, 2009

How To Drive A Snowmobile

... and now ...

Carlo Goldoni

directed by
Emanuele Vezzoli

Cultural Association Theatre & Culture, in collaboration with the Cubatea Ltd, stages one of the funniest comedies of Carlo Goldoni, written exactly two hundred and fifty ago, a lack of attempts, which began with the innkeeper, abandonment of the use of performance maschere.Lo is proposed as a gentle and rigorous model of the scene of comic tradition. The whirling machine theatrical comedy is obviously relationships and references to the theater masks of the Commedia dell'Arte. A performance by the relentless comedy, designed for intelligent entertainment, which calls for the participation and involvement of the public style of play.
"Mirror yourselves, or young, in love with these I am presenting; laugh at them, and do not do that you have to laugh at you. "
[Carlo Goldoni]
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