Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Get Ink Out Of Soft Itilian Leather

L’Associazione Culturale Teatri&Culture




di Irene Canale

Dal 18 al 30 Maggio 2010

con Carmine Balducci, Francesco Vellei, Chiara Saiella,

Enrica Nizi, Bernardo Casertano, Irene Canale


Carlo Dilonardo

Director Charles Dilonardo, the 'author Irene Channel, and a group of young actors have created a path of work that brutally eviscerates a human condition of non-identity . Face, with this staging, the inadequacy of the human being and young people today: the difficulty of finding an identity, to build a life, a "family" that we can trust.

young people entering a chilling of everyday insecurities, family members of murder and false worlds to be desired. And that, from the stage, stimulate the 'at-tension "of the viewer through

the desperate search of having something and being someone. stealing.
Everything takes form from a "natural construction" of words, actions, sounds, music and lights.
A story that lives thanks to the "cruel" game of the theater


Four brothers, Right, Down, Tutu and nanny, live together in a non-place. They are poor and spend their time to try to become good thieves. During one of their arguments, returns home the fifth brother, Gio, who had abandoned them to live with his girlfriend Nini. The woman accused of having stolen a bracelet Giò and breaks into the house to seek justice. The clash between the six characters, exposes their true nature, their discomfort, their secrets and desires ... alone and without a name, they struggle against each other to find that identity and that road that should belong to all , with the conviction that to build a life you steal the next ...

Locandina Non Rubare

"Maybe you'll go far,

maybe a fight with someone,

you may have a job and also a love ...

But who decides? Is up to you? " THEATRE WATCH. Artaud room Via de 'Filippini, 17 / a - Roma tel. 06 6875550

DATES AND TIMES From 18 to 30 May 2010

Tuesday to Saturday at 21.00

- Sunday at 18.00

COST OF TICKETS Full € 13.00 - € 10.00 Reduced (membership card € 2.00)


392 1505171 - 06 6875550


Maura Bonelli


m.bonelli @

tel. + 39 06 6280867

mob. + 39 338 4253 503


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