Monday, September 20, 2010

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letter sent today to the Gazzetta dello Sport

Dear, I consider it really offensive statements today in the Palermo president Zamparini.
Inter is the new Juventus? If we look at the first games of the season in the Super Cup was a goal annulled for an offside very regular Milito who was not there, against Udinese has not been whistled a penalty on Eto'o (net, and it would have been a red card for defender Friuli) and yesterday, apparently while he was distracted Zamparini, twice stopped a linesman for an offside attacker Inter-existent.
remember these episodes certainly not to say that there is a Complete anti-Inter, let alone, but we are certainly not a team favored by the arbitrators.
allegations to the Gazzetta dello Sport adds nothing, because you do not need defenders office! Sincerely, Stephen



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