Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can You Give Temazapam To Dogs

No criticism! Presented

Market Inter once again perfect.
Balotelli is young and strong, but the help you gave us last year was zero and we have also won all (gave most of the previous year). He 's young and promising agreement. But commercially speaking, is the perfect sale. Pure gain (Purchased less than 240,000 euro), is sold at € 35 million, although in future it should become a big will not be worth no more than 40-45 million. if it were to evaporate (which does not wish him) will soon fall below 20 million value.

Same thing for Maicon. Sample extraordinary, even if a bit 'on the wane. But we Santon, that sooner or later, or give him space or we surrender. Maicon is worth 30 million euro today, a year from 5-10 in less then almost nothing (under 15).

We have the Champions' shouts, 5 consecutive championships. we are calm.


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