Monday, August 16, 2010

Tile Ready Shower Stall

New season at the gates

Everything is now ready for the start of the new season (Saturday night, Meazza Stadium, Italian Super Cup).
will play against Roma, which will be the real rival this year (unless of surprises Genoa).

Some considerations:

Market Inter large purchases are the confirmation of the arrival of Maicon and Coutinho, which I liked both in friendly North American trophy in the TIM. Sculli arrives almost certainly do not know if it will find its place among the holders (maybe he will do the "dirty work" in place of Eto'o but then jumps Pandev?) Do not know how will be in a great team, but it is a discrete reinforcement. We
redundant elements: Burdisso (ever in Rome!), Rivas, perhaps Obinna, Mancini, Suazo.
We are very strong and as more than last year. The Champions' is a matter of details and even to sit, but we are the only Italian team in a position to be able to win. Well
the beginning of Mr. Rafael, who seems well lowered into reality Inter. I really liked the reference to "alone against all" in the beautiful interview with Corriere della Sera.

Poor Juve: never mind the pre-season friendly against Inter and which are made compatible in just 45 minutes. The "Poor" refers to the fact that Forum of the fans are all still, four years later, to regret Moggi, Calciopoli claim trophies. Head of the past. They are intended for another year of suffering, and so it will be until you put that past behind. Moreover, it would be even better for them, as a justice that really would have taken all 7 badges management Moggi, more than 2.


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