Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Ibrahimovic: a deal worth 127 million euro and

Last commented on Ibrahimovic up to finalization of the negotiation.
's comment is:

not tell .... the usual case (not Sicily!). When a player goes to Inter it makes the calculation of the gross pension, and even the cost of the bills at home, when a player goes to Milan seems always free.

So the question is very simple: do not tell lies, that at times with Milan ends in active negotiation. According to
is said Ibra would reduce his salary from 12 to 10 million euro net. Assuming that is true, it means 20 million euro gross per year, which for a four-year contract means a commitment of 80 million €. The Swede would come to
Huntelaar (paid and then put in the budget last year to 17 million euro) 30 million more euro, ie 47 million.

This means that the total financial commitment is 47 +80 = 127 million €.
does not include those who consider immoral expenses, but this is it: not, as Berlusconi & Galliani would have us believe, a gift of English.


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