Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cheap River Rock Tile

Sabato pomeriggio alla Bottega Bertaccini...

... Guido Leotta and Franco Foschi had the third (and last would seem) of the Commissioner Colajacono adventure, "No Way Out", published by Moby Dick. Having only heard and not read anything, he immediately decided that the novels were purchased in bulk all three.
The authors have outlined briefly the first two novels before focusing on this, set in Ireland in 1989. I wanted the least possible spoiler, so I've heard very little. I reserve the comments after reading, since I'm still busy with Odifreddi and its extraordinary minds. The setting of Bottega

Side note on Saturday night: if someone says that "The Hills Have Eyes" by Wes Craven
is a cult movie among horror series B, is a hoax. I read on Wikipedia that the actors were chosen mainly according to their ability to cry on command. Likely, everything else can not do. The American family on the other hand is so unpleasant that I was almost rooting for the bad guys. Goodnight.


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