Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heart Gold Rom English January

Fiori animati, conigli

of rain Saturday afternoon and dad and kids wanted to try the stop-motion. A little 'busy' but I defy anyone to maintain a fixed shot with green beans on his heels who wants to give a hand ... :-) Done "White Rabbit" as mentioned above. Excellent impression. There are three or four very successful ideas in the plot, pity about some carelessness in the use of narrative point of view, a good job of editing would have eliminated and instead are still there. For example: John arrives in a place for the first time and met Tom, for the first time ever (Tom is a character that Pippo does not know yet but the reader will). Goofy does not know what it's called Tom, has not the slightest idea who he is. So why, after the physical description of Tom, I find a statement such as "It was Tom."? The writer knows, I know that player, but Pippo does not know and I'm watching the scene from the perspective of Pippo .
Ugh. These things bother me.
remains the same as one of the best discoveries this year.


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