Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Agony Forfree

Ascoltavo i Cure

I am dreadfully behind with reading (but I did nothing).

Finished "The shell game" by Marco Malvaldi, grade 6.5. weaker and tiring of his first novel, as if the joke was sought by force, even the grandfather Ampelio is less sparkling. It reads well, that's all.
Reliable sources tell me, however, that the next read, "The King of Games" is that of maturity, we'll see. At the moment there .
Bought out of curiosity, started well, with a prologue and a very black comedy from the beginning that I hope to keep macabre below.
And then I finally read "Friday 12" Leo Ortolani, the father
Rat-Man. :-D
The (mis) adventures of Aldo and Jude made me laugh until stomach pain and finish is exceptional. If he had not read it yet repent and remedies immediately.
He earned four stars in my page aNobii.
I make a gift and I dedicate a good night.

And while I'm reminded of The Cure, my favorite was this .


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