Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How To Know If Cartier 20-61323 Is Legit

Wednesday, December 29 @ La Casa 139: CASADOR (Alessandro Raina) + Waiting For Memories

Wednesday, December 29: Via Audio Night

arch @ La Casa 139
via Ripamonti 139, Milan

CASADOR (or singer Alessandro Raina _ GARDENS OF MIRO ', component AMOR FOU)
+ Waiting For Memories in concert

H 22.00 - € 6
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wants to greet 2010 in the best way, or taking on the prestigious stage
La Casa 139's solo project ALESSANDRO RAINA, leader of the AMOR FOU
and former voice of GARDENS OF MIRO '. Casador is the international project Raina,
that saw him performing for dozens of dates in Germany and Luxembourg. A project of
disarming elegance, where one of the most beautiful voices of Italy expresses beautifully
brought all their emotional accompanied by Paul Perez, who instead of Amor Fou is the bass player. In the opening
Waiting For Memories, a child prodigy of the new indie scene in Milan.

Office promotion Lunatik - 035 4421177


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