Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Is Compatible With A Pieces

Alice senza fine, come Harry Potter

Terminato questa notte "Alice senza niente" di Pietro De Viola, anche questo disponibile gratuitamente in rete
qui , come il precedente romanzo di Simone M. Navarra. Ammetto di essere in difficoltà. La cosa più semplice sarebbe dire che il romanzo tratta di disoccupazione, della difficoltà to live with dignity with incomes close to zero, not to get the days to fill the gap by studying how to eat with two euro in two. It really is not all. First, as already written

elsewhere, is one of those novels that when you look in the mirror close to you and ask questions. There are many uncomfortable truths, in: the weight of thirty years to get to and be nothing without a job and an income that will preclude a role (Alice), but also, conversely, the burden of having built a house of truth made of your roles, only to realize there's only function in those roles (Silvia), the effort to try to live of the things that we like, "Cheating" to win ten euro (Riccardo). There is a character in the novel that conveys empathy De Viola, in their way are small and uncomfortable. Yet, with a bitter taste in your mouth, you recognize certain nuances and perhaps this stems from the sense of rejection. other hand, is very well written and it is obvious stylistic research, but sometimes too obvious. 'll Notice the difference in linguistic register ego narrator, dry and laced into the narrative of the interview - very effective and successful - too refined and not spontaneous in the reflections on the novel to write. Sometimes the transition is annoying, as well as the sudden change of perspective of the narrative, but it should be intentional. There are some moments and songs that are worth the whole book: the aforementioned interview, the melancholic and cynical encounter between Alice and Sylvia, the way Alice talks about his love. I did not appreciate the trick used to finish the novel, as I did not appreciate the media platform created and built around the novel itself
supported by an ad hoc blog, a website, a facebook page. Read the birth of the novel in
novel seemed most disturbing to me is that smart.
In conclusion, good luck to De Viola and his Alice.
And considering the nice surprises I had with two novels for free available online, I throw myself on the mechanism of
forchincastro .
Last night I also saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1. Satisfactory, because after it spewed that was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I still have murderous instincts of those who have decided that Harry intortasse a waitress in a pub), the film is faithful to the novel, insightful and mature as it should be.
The saga of Harry as Bildungsroman revisited deserves a separate post, I hope before the end of the film saga, waiting a year. Now dinner. :-)


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