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Broken Capillary Breast Pumping

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for the 2010-2011 Theatre Season


la formula di fidelizzazione

“ROMA vs. TEATRO 4 A 3”

Carissimi Amici,

vi riporto un elenco di spettacoli che vedono la collaborazione e/o l’organizzazione dell’Associazione Theatres Cultural & Culture . Following the success of our previous work also obtained through the consensus of the public, we felt it should be possible to all our friends who follow our work to take out a subscription formula that allows you to watch

! 4 shows the price of 3 *!

* The viewer chooses three shows in 1 to enter "full" (Max. 20 €) and 2 to input "low" (max.12 €), the fourth it offers our association and allows the viewer to access the ticket to the show with "small-company" (max. 5 €) .

(bookings and info to the number. 392.1505171 - or by mail:

One of the key points of our association is to popularize and spread the theatrical culture in all its forms and that is why we decided, in agreement with the companies, to create this form of loyalty to our work.

As you can see "our bill" is rich and versatile ... the choice is yours!

We thank you for your attention, we can only give you an appointment at the theater ...

Carlo Dilonardo

Ass.cult President. THEATRES & CULTURE

"The city needs THEATRE,


[P. Grassi]


1) From November 4 to 7


Sam Shepard

Directed by: Elizabeth de Vito, Ciro Scalera

THEATRE Furio Camillo (Via Camilla 44 - Furio Camillo)

The Damnation of an incestuous love between two brothers, sons of a decline of values \u200b\u200bthat makes this piece than ever. Four characters: 'old', father 'Eddie' and 'May', e ‘Martin’, danno vita ad un intreccio di sentimenti tanto scabrosi quanto veri, scandito da azione e colpi di scena.

2) Dal 30 Novembre al 19 Dicembre


Di Rosario Galli

Regia: Luigi Russo

TEATRO OROLOGIO (Via de’ Filippini, 17 – Chiesa Nuova)

Tutto quello che si vuole avere, e che si può obtain, a matter for the flight, without miss the opportunities that life presents. And when you offers? ... Look for them. Everywhere! A history of women, some women of course, with the anxiety of doing everything, without respite, without a breather. A history of men also, of course, some men with the anxiety of talking, talking without saying anything, talk to ... to ...?

Come to find out. It will be fun. Promised!

3) From 2 to 5 December

NOT 'THAT MANY VORT .... (A night in Rome)

Paraggio and Carlo Di Gennaro Dilonardo

Directed by: Carlo Dilonardo

THEATER ANTIGONE (Via Amerigo Vespucci, 42 - Testaccio)

One of the many nights on the banks of the Tiber lived two tramps: Luke she moved to Rome to love him, Roman de Rome "- despite the current conditions of life - living with pride and dignity of his past as an aspiring actor brilliant. A comedy dedicated to colors, noises and sounds of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

4) From December 9 to 19


Patrick Hamilton

Directed by: Alessandro Leone

THEATRE Trastevere (Via Jacopo de 'Settesoli, 3 - Trastevere)

A caring husband, a young wife, pale with the beauty, rendered weary by a psychological malaise that seems to beset for some time. Strange events happen in their house. The woman is on the brink della pazzia come sua madre, morta in un manicomio pochi anni prima.

Cosa nasconde quella cupa abitazione? Quali sono i misteri che la avvolgono?...

5) Dal 18 al 30 Gennaio


Di Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Regia: Carlo Dilonardo

TEATRO STANZE SEGRETE (Via della Penitenza, 3 – Trastevere)

A man and a woman: a love story as much (or, perhaps, like them all!). It discusses love, the contradictory truth of this sentiment, the limits can become hatred. In the extra-ordinary space secret rooms of the Theatre is staged one of the most fascinating and dramaturgical texts discussed on the couple and love. love me and then kill me, right? "-" I love you and it kills me. "

6) 8 to 20 February


Di Franca Zucca

Regia: Carlo Dilonardo

TEATRO ANTIGONE (Via Amerigo Vespucci, 42 – Testaccio)

Una commedia grottesca a tratti esilarante che sfocia nell’assurdo. Il protagonista preso da un momento di infinito amore per il povero padre, deceduto da molto tempo, all’atto della compattazione di quest’ultimo viene spinto da una irrefrenabile voglia di tenerlo ancora accanto, tanto da riuscire a rubare una vertebra. Un testo che si spinge all’analisi dei rapporti famigliari con grande ironia.

7) From 'March 1 to 6


Irene Channel

Directed by: Carlo Dilonardo

THEATRE secret rooms (Way of Repentance, 3 - Trastevere)

A group of young actors have created a path of work that brutally eviscerates a human condition of non-identity. Face, with this staging, the inadequacy of the human being and young people today: the difficulty of finding un'identità, di costruirsi una vita, una "famiglia" di cui ci si possa fidare.

8) Dal 21 al 27 Marzo


Di Francesca Angeli

Regia: Carlo Dilonardo

TEATRO AGORÁ (Via della Penitenza, 33 – Trastevere)

Tre giovani donne alle prese con le loro preoccupazioni quotidiane sono estasiate ed affascinate, for various reasons, the figure of a man who can hit the heart with their words, speeches, attitudes, and especially with a great story-telling ability: it will be all right? A funny comedy that could be inspired by that "trust is good, not to trust is better" ... so far the proverb, but you really can? ... Women in the audience will judge!


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