Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Samsung Galaxy Tab e commessi dei megastore (sottotitolo: Oops, I Did It Again)

Yesterday afternoon, I dragged the family to the megastore MarcoPolo Expert because I wanted to try the Samsung

Galaxy Tab. Given the late hour, I head to head down to the IT department, expecting to find a corner dedicated to the presentation of news, where to wait in line to be able to hack it easy. I find
quintal of laptop but even the shadow dell'agognato well.
To make sure I make around twice, then I decide to request information from a salesman who, with empty eye confesses not to know what we're talking about because he came back from holiday yesterday. My Turn question to my colleague, I recommend me to try the games department. O_O At this point I must have looked rather eloquent expression, because with the face of "Still processing ... please wait" asks "The Galaxy ... the gun for the Wii?" (Now, can I have your face looking for a gun for the Wii?) "No, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the tablet" take the hand of the flyer and show him who is flicking through the last page, where c ' is the picture of the Galaxy-size. Finally a synapse.
"Ahhh .... but you have to look into this phone ..." But of course, obvious. I try to fool a computer to the department. understand. I was too precise, I asked myself

see the object, which she dutifully did: I did see, period.
"It 's possible to prove this, please?" Et voila

, the magic words. The window opens and I can finally get hold of the object of desire. Not that we can do much, there's no SIM card and you have not configured the wi-fi, so the experience is limited to the waterway between applications.
not planning to do a review, I'm just saying you could do a thought of a (nice) po '. I liked it. Several

. The only thing we do is read, for what is always my Abelard. Miss suddenly talkative when I escape a "Booyah!" testing the camera. I reels off in twenty seconds flat all possible payment options, including funding, for which I should bring a list of objective evidence of my ability to pay the installments so far. Only lacking a proof physician in good health, that you never know. Ok, I can go. I ask as long as the offer is valid (just in case Supernalotto to win). Another wrong question. He thinks for a bit ', you look around in search of help and then lights up: "How long lasts the wheel!" If I were Dexter Morgan, the Code of Harry would be too rigid. In

I read "The shell game" by Marco Malvaldi second adventure of the four old men of the Gleam. "Although up to now does not seem as hot as the first, is making her look good.
Finally , reopened Shrimp . I do not like very much the fantasy and usually do not read it, but his caustic reviews are always worth a ride in his blog.

At this point we would wonder what does the subtitle of the post.
I bought Nutella. >:-D


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