Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dermatomyositis Cytoxan

L’Associazione Culturale Teatri&Culture

in collaborazione con l’ Ass . Cult . Pescatori di Poesia



di Sam Shepard

(trad. Casini S.; Marciano F.; Bernascone R.)

Dal 4 al 7 Novembre 2010

Teatro Furio Camillo


(in ordine di apparizione)

Valeria Nardella (May), Manuel Caputo (Eddie),

Andrea Cannucciari (il old), Roger Lorefice (Martin)




Assistant Director Flavia Martin

Assistants scene Federica Cavallo, Silvia Giuliano

lighting design Simon Fraser

stills Gabriele Gelsi

Organization Carlo Dilonardo

Press Maura Bonelli D-MOOD

debut November 4 at Furio Camillo di Roma "Crazy Love" by Sam Shepard, sponsored by the Cultural Association Theatres & Culture in collaboration with the ' Ass Cult. Fishers of Poetry and Lab'04, directed by Elisabetta De Vito and Ciro Scalera . E 'in 1985 the film version of Robert Altman with Kim Basinger and the author himself, and now, after twenty-five years, the drama of a society on the brink of the abyss , reflected in' damned and incestuous love between brother and sister , focus of the story, it is most tragic to date. On stage a parade of brilliant young cast and promises, in the direction assigned to 'thirty years of experience of the pair of directors, De Vito Scalera.


In dingy motel room, it depletes the desperate conflict between a man and a woman. Him, Eddie has made a long journey to get there to see it again. You, May, has waited for years. But after the two stands the shadow of a third man, who is waiting for May. Accompanied by the ghosts of their past, the two tell the story of their love: a love that begins in innocence of high school years, and continues over time tinged with madness, pain, brutality unexplained.
Between shots, fires and the melancholy clash between the two finds its tragic end in the revelation of a terrible secret that emerges after long years ... In their revived dormant emotions and feelings, accompanied by a dark truth, however painful.


incestuous Two brothers, Eddie and May, and their common father, 'the old', Three of the four main characters of this piece. Already a triangle like this, which has its roots in mythology as Rhea and Cronus, Electra, and, optionally, the same Adam and Eve, no certainly topical. And if this 'triangle' collides with the optical Martin, naive and pure friend of May, here is stigmatized the curse of the Beat Generation in Kerouac opened that long road where the furrow is still visible in the literature of our day. The story of this cursed love running between morbid sexuality and psychological power games, not forgetting action and humor. In full compliance with the pen of Shepard (1979 Pulitzer Prize for Drama 'Buried Child') we have only heard emphasize the liturgy of the reports, the crudeness of the characters and their inner dynamics . Our aim was to emphasize how più possibile i diversi piani di realtà di ogni protagonista, realtà che si attraggono e si respingono senza riuscire mai a fondersi, a collocarsi. Così come abbiamo voluto andare incontro a un linguaggio un po’ più aggiornato anche nei ritmi teatrali che sono inevitabilmente evoluti a distanza di quasi trent’anni. Operazione che ci è parsa ancor più opportuna considerata la giovane età degli attori (nonché auto produttori) che, letteralmente ‘pazzi d’amore’ per questo testo, hanno caparbiamente voluto realizzarlo.

Elisabetta De Vito e Ciro Scalera


via Camilla, 44

tel. 06 78347348 ( M - Furio Camillo)


Dal 4 al 7 Novembre 2010

Tutti i giorni alle ore 21,00 – domenica ore 17.30 e 21.00


Full: € 13

Reduced: 10 €

Tribute: 3 €

are added to the ticket cost € 2 membership card to the theater, where applicable


to number 392 or 1505171 06 7804476


Maura Bonelli D-MOOD

m.bonelli @

tel. + 39 06 6280867

mob. + 39 338 4253 503


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