Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How Much Money Is Jesse James Worth?

Coming out - II parte (sempre colpa di mia sorella)

Santa Claus who has stopped at my sister's house I did find this under the tree:

seems, I think
was the year 1984, there were no alternative channels where to find the lost episodes, the VCR in the house was still there to come so if I lost a bet, I lost a bet

! And in 12 years these are things that leave their mark. In my defense I
partial noted that, while I sdilinquivo before that muchomach or David "I've got the tight jeans" Hasselhoff - not yet in version Oh ... Mitch
with light balls lifesaver always at hand, my classmates chirped on the video George Michael

jogging shorts in blue and pink fleece ... blech. Definitely, in some (few) cases, Truzzi is better. :-P
After "Moments of happiness negligible" Francesco Piccolo. The ideal to read on the train, as he goes to visit distant friends. I recognized in some small epiphanies, some love, other funny. First Mazzini is always reading, the yellow mist and Leotta are still on the waiting list. But I'm working on.


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