Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Renderers: Monsters


After time spent otherwise, and even the flu, returned to "stand" with the Sunshine Award, with passing of the baton between bloggisti.

First, thanks to Yellow
and Geography), unexpectedly well on the counterattack. :-) who receives the word should, by regulation:
- thank the person who appointed him (thanks again, dear!)

- write a post to talk about the prize
- 12 cite that blog are deemed worthy - the above quote dozen
- to alert the nominees
My list is rather uneven and are not even safe to get to 12. I'm not a serial reader of blogs, and while a bit odd 'everywhere, so the choice is difficult. Let's try. Are purely random and without any criteria for ranking:
1. Alice
curious experiment in viral marketing applied to the novel
The blog of Simone M. Navarre
or working, studying writing e. ..
3. Mumble... mumble     fumetti, letture, pittura 
4.    Gamberi Fantasy    le migliori recensioni di fantasy che abbia trovato in giro per il web
5.    Creare blog    dove vado a sbirciare come si fa
6.    Intermezzi BLOG    casa editrice che mi piace molto
7.    Scrittori precari    interesting collective
8. information on Native American peoples Native Americans
SmithsonianLibraries presentations are not 10.
the event horizon blog lame duck
Here, ten. I have not finished the task. I ended up not ever. :-(


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