Monday, January 24, 2011

Insurance Doesn't Cover Mental

New video of Trivision, "In her arms another night"

new video for "In her arms one night," the second single from the album

MOVE IN LIQUID Watch it here? page_id = 39

Trivision I have the new video "in his arms another night" song from Moving into the liquid, produced by Andrea Losi and filmed in collaboration with the Project Gleams from Venice, under the direction of the director Pietro Chiarenza lead in worldwide production as characters and events based on the element of fire. What
that on first hearing might be mistaken for a sentimental song is a song instead of impact that describes the desire to return to the stage and the need to experience music as an outlet. Analyze the error, or rather, the presumption of being able to do without, like trying to fill the void masquerading as serious person in difficult times ... Inevitably it all comes back to the surface and summing we find ourselves to discard the unnecessary uncovering complete with its own music in my head.
The idea of \u200b\u200bthe video was just to try to describe the desire to get rid of apathy and follow the street artist able to bring out the hidden side of those who do and those who use.

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