Monday, January 31, 2011

Maytag Performa Washing Machine Spin Cycle Noise

[OFF TOPIC] Ora anche basta, eh?

(Warning, foul language)
I have the balls to hear about the balls of Mr. B.
I'm sick of tits and ass flaccid paying paid. I am ashamed of the depressing sight that we the rest of the world (El Pais
calls us
Sultanate of bunga-bunga ?). In my opinion the man is incapable of discernment - some recent utterances also say a lot - but the court will not let it fall, not to give up the privileges acquisiti con lo status di lacché. Come potrebbero riciclarsi un Bondi o un Cicchitto alla caduta del regno? Si prospettano loro tempi alquanto bui, privi come sono di attributi riutilizzabili e/o rivendibili anche sul mercato dell'usato, di cui invece sono dotate le loro onorevoli colleghe.
Mandiamolo a casa. E poi, prima che dalla magistratura, lasciamolo giudicare dalla sua cricca di "amici", dai Licio Gelli al cui senso dell'onore è venuto meno, dai gruppi di pressione che ha scontantato, dalla
 i cui valori ha deluso. Lasciamolo e aspettiamo. Sia chiaro, non ce l'ho solo con lui e con chi questo traffico ha organizzato.
Anche le mie simili (Unfortunately) that are provided, needy or not, have contributed abundantly.
So I support the movement launched by women who say
enough, to their indignation and their refusal to be shown how to grind meat and after dinner as a plaything to be paid with money bags and purple. I appreciate a lot more poor women who do the night shift on the Adriatic. I therefore remain silent is to accept the state of things, to pretend not to see and hear, and frankly I do not like, it's a moral issue.
But beware, morality has nothing to do with sexuality. In their own private free to believe all that, the only limit is the agreement of (or gods, why not?) partner and no one should be judged. But when sex becomes a bargaining chip for apartments and accessories is prostitution, when you need to ensure seating or charges that are then paid with our money, it ceases to be private and switch to a higher plane and as such should be judged and condemned. Fine.
PS: I had promised myself that I never talked about these things here, first of all because it is not an appropriate place and then not to knock my four readers who may not share. But you can not always be silent, here. And now I come to my readings, which is better.


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